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We at Verging Mary Studio proudly present you a game where a cute girl does cute gathering stuff until... something not so cute happens... Well it is about a girl named Mirilla, employed by her master Makita, to gather and sell things to be able to pay Makita and her rent.

Discover myriads of items to collect and craft! Upgrade your summons to be able to fight the monster that lurk around exciting loot.

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Mirilla's Adventure 25 MB


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Maaaan... I dont know. Art style is great but gameplay is kinda borring imho. After playing it for an hour kinda efficiently i got very bored. It's always the same. Killing this funny looking mobs with 0 effort and grinding mats. The game is not bad, but i think it needs something more. I'll be back as soon as new update gonna come out!


Hey there! Thank you so much for your honest review. We very much get where you're coming from. It's really cool to see that you've spent an hour in our game and we kinda feel embarrassed for the current lack of "mid-game" content. We're glad that you like our idea overall and we're happy to say that the next update will be gameplay heavy~! We will take your suggestions into serious consideration and we hope that we will be able to turn the game into something that you (and others) can enjoy. We are very grateful!

I played through the game multiple times now and can safely say that it's great. For a demo it has a surprising amount of content and with the potential the game has I can only imagine the possibilities for future mechanics, levels and everything else. 

Great Job, devs!